“Anyone who really wants to know me must know my garden, because my garden is my heart.“

Prince Pückler-Muskau


We develop creative solutions for every garden and every open space which conform with the individuality of their users and to the character of their surroundings.


Understanding the character and essentials


Whether planning a house garden, a playground or a public recreation area: The relationship between environment, house, garden and people is what we base our work on.
This means that we do not simply use ‘standard solutions’.

Ecologically valuable biotopes, beds with native shrubs and dwarf trees, sandstone or yellow quartzite paving, walls of Burgundy stone, free-floating stairs or noble sculptures:
  • high-quality plants and materials,
  • harmonious forms and colours
  • an important requirement is the appropriate maintenance of the gardens and open spaces in which my customers or their users can enjoy staying and relaxing a while.

With good technical planning, bad decisions and unnecessary costs can be avoided.